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Sonii Valkyrae Breakup: Sonii opens up about breakup with Valkyrae

Sonii and Valkyrae were the couple that everyone looked up to in the streaming industry but an unfortunate breakup left everyone in shock. Ever since the breakup, Sonii has did not defend any claims that were made against him which left the general perception towards him as the one who caused the breakup.

However, recently he has been found pretty excited to share his side of the story after 2 long years. In his latest Twitch stream, he expressed his feelings towards Valkyare publicly opening up about her troubles that were caused due to the breakup. The speculation that arose due to Sonii staying silent has acted as a catalyst that is making him want to open up.

“People be saying sh*t”, said Sonii. “I should go on Trainwreck’s podcast. I should. ‘If she’s doing it, why can’t you?’ I mean it’s insanity bro. It’s actually insanity.”

“I might have to just say my piece in response to kind of the bullsh*t that I’m hearing.” he added.

Sonii disagrees with most of the rumors and claims that are being spread in the community due to a lack of clarity from either one of them. However, he does believe that the best way to put down all claims would be to open up and share his side of the story.

The community has spoken in favor of him, with most believing that he too should get the chance to express his side before everyone jumps to a conclusion. However he did say that he is not interested in doing so at the moment but if things get worse he just might.

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