Former BIG player Owen “smooya” Butterfield has had yet another setback this month, after having been banned in the FACEIT Pro League for being toxic against another player.

In an FPL Game last night, the 19-year-old was seen calling Ismail “refrezh” Ali of OpTic a “fucking bitch” and told him to “kill himself” after appearing to have not tried all match that led it to go to overtime.

“After recent events and many clips that resurfaced, we decided to bench smooya in FPL to give him some time to clear his thoughts and adjust his behavior, which recently was out of control in the FPL,” FACEIT partnerships manager Milos Nedeljkovic said.

“He will reflect on everything and calm down without potentially saying any career-ruining words in FPL, so we are giving him some time off to clear his head. Just wanted you guys to know why you won’t see him around.”

The toxicity did not stop there, as the Brit called refrezh out on Twitter after the match, by saying: “don’t queue FPL if you’re in a bad mood or something [and] don’t waste my time, thanks!”
The tweet has since been deleted.

Butterfield has been no stranger to such incidents, with a particularly striking one being that against Mousesports in StarSeries Season 6, when he was seen incessantly yelling after every round and “accidentally” buying the auto sniper in the CT side.

He has since tweeted and confirmed that the ban will be set for the “foreseeable future,” and also agreed that what he said was right in anyway, without offering any apology.