Skyesports set hospitality benchmark ahead of SCS Playoffs

Skyesports Champions Series (SCS) is around the corner, with the entire South Asian (SA) region preparing for the Valorant carnival. For those unaware, it’s only the biggest Valorant event for the region; a tournament that will decide the two representatives for the region at the VCT Stage 2 APAC Challengers for a shot at the two available spots at VCT Stage 2 Masters. And, by the looks of it, Skyesports is pulling out all stops to add to the player experience for the LAN-line* event. SCS is already setting benchmarks in terms of hospitality and the event hasn’t even begun.

Skyesports made sure the players receive the authentic regional treatment by welcoming the said stars participating in the event in true local fashion through garlands and cultural dance routines.

Greeting players with tradition is one of the hallmarks of our region and it is welcoming to see Skyesports continue the same. Skyesports have their headquarters in Chennai and it truly felt like someone welcoming the players into their homes, in this case, their home city.

Then, there is the update that Skyesports have provided teams with respective villas to ensure their preparations are up to the mark, keeping the code of secrecy intact and that they find maximum comfort in their temporary residence.

According to what we have seen and heard through social media, aspiring powerhouses Orangutan have been practicing from their villa itself, which goes to show how helpful the arrangements have been for the team.

The cherry on top was the billboards filled with players’ faces bustling with confidence. Everyone involved in the esports scene has long been waiting for the industry to go mainstream and while it has to a great extent, this serves as a good validation of the same for the PC esports industry that has always felt like a second child in the last few years.

SCS Billboard

SCS will begin on the 31st of May and we will know the fate of the six teams – Full Power Gaming, Orangutan, Velocity Gaming, Global Esports, Revenant Esports and Enigma Gaming – along with the two available slots by the 5th of June.

A lot is at stake as players fight to be the best. But, it seems the teams are not the only ones striving for greatness.

Note(*): LAN-line is a hybrid term that can be used to refer to an event that is a LAN but has elements similar to online events as well. The word has been used here to corroborate that while SCS is a LAN event, the matches will be played on online servers along with the fact that a team and one player will be in attendance from a remote location due to geopolitical issues.