Skyesports plans SEA expansion with new office in Thailand, to kickstart with PUBG Mobile tournament

Skyesports, one of the biggest esports tournament organizers from South Asia, are planning to expand their reach to a newer region. Sources close to TalkEsport have revealed that Skyesports is opening a new office in Thailand, allowing them to breach into the Southeast Asian esports market.

Southeast Asia is well known to have a flourished and exponentially growing esports industry. It has a strong presence in mobile esports and Skyesports entering into this new territory will allow them to host tournaments at an even larger scale with more prize money.

According to our sources, following the move of opening an office in Thailand, Skyesports will be hosting a huge PUBG Mobile tournament for the Southeast Asian market to kick start their journey in this new region. Multiple PUBG Mobile events are already being planned across the entire Southeast Asian region.

Skyesports already has a very strong presence in India and they have been growing out of their Chennai office to host their own portfolio of events alongside some official events for VALORANT. Skyesports recently included other countries from the South Asian region in their esports ecosystem.

Furthermore, the upper echelon of Skyesports has already been sighted making trips from Chennai to Thailand, confirming their expansion plans. This move will certainly turn fruitful for both the ends as Skyesports will be tapping into a potentially billion dollar marketplace and SEA will witness the impeccable management and extravagant production via Skyesports’ new set of tournaments.