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President Droupadi Murmu visits Skyesports Grandslam LUNA at IGS Delhi

Skyesports Grandslam LUNA Elevates Standard as Hon. President Droupadi Murmu Graces All-Female VALORANT Tournament in Delhi

The Skyesports Grandslam LUNA tournament, which was hosted under the India Gaming Show initiative, had the honor of hosting Hon. President Droupadi Murmu in Delhi last week. This all-female VALORANT tournament is backed by the Government of India and is on the forefront of the exponential growth of Indian esports.

Indian Government Acknowledges Gaming as a Part of Sports

In recent years, the Indian government has acknowledged gaming as a part of sports in India. This acknowledgement led to the President of India’s visit to an esports event, where she graced the Skyesports Grandslam LUNA tournament. This visit was significant as it elevated the standard of Skyesports Grandslam LUNA as the only tournament in India that has seen the presence of the First Citizen of India.

“I feel really great,” said Grace Esports’ Meow16k after becoming the Champion of the tournament as well as getting an opportunity to showcase her skill in front of the Hon’ble President; “first of all, this is the first all-female VALORANT LAN. Thanks to Skyesports for organizing such a great event and bringing a chance for us to play on stage. And yes I am feeling fabulous, first LAN and it’s in our pocket.”

Hon. Heavy Industries Minister Mahendra Nath Pandey also attended the Microsoft Skyesports Grandslam LUNA alongside Hon. President Droupadi Murmu. This event took place at the JetSynthesys Gaming Arena in IGS, Delhi. The IGS, an initiative by the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), is backed by the government of India.

Madame President Encourages Female Squads Playing in the Tournament

The Skyesports Grandslam LUNA is an all-female VALORANT tournament. Madame President’s visit was particularly special as it encouraged the female squads playing in the tournament to achieve outstanding results in their professional journey. The presence of Hon. President Droupadi Murmu in the tournament has shown that women have a place in the world of esports, and they can achieve greatness just like men.

Commenting on the unique opportunity, Shiva Nandy, Founder and CEO, Skyesports said, “It was really exciting to meet our Hon’ble President Shrimati Droupadi Murmu at the India Gaming Show 2023. The Indian gaming and esports industry is in its golden age currently with huge growth opportunities in store. Skyesports has always aimed at ensuring gender parity in the Esports industry by organizing all-female tournaments and I am grateful for this chance to showcase what we’ve built as it motivates us to push harder and contribute to developing India’s gaming and esports industry in a much more inclusive manner. While India is slowly becoming a big player in the global games and tech market, we will be here to support that growth trajectory and put the country on the world map.”

Exciting Times for Indian Gaming Community

The exponential growth of Indian esports is fantastic news for the entire Indian gaming community. Skyesports is leading the growth of Indian esports, and the presence of Hon. President Droupadi Murmu at Skyesports Grandslam LUNA has elevated the tournament’s standard. The visit has made it even more special for the tournament organizers to arrange bigger events and spearhead the growth of Indian esports.

Addressing the recently held IGS 2023, Rajan Navani, Chairman and MD, JetSynthesys said, “The Hon. Droupadi Murmu’s inspiring presence at the CII’s Indian Gaming Show 2023 was a reminder of the immense potential of India’s gaming and esports industry. The show highlighted the brilliant minds driving this revolution and the enthusiasm of the millions of gamers in India. Skyesports has revolutionised the gaming industry with the Windows 11 Grand Slam receiving an overwhelming 5 million views across two days. Remarkably, female gamers have made their mark in gaming and esports, bringing in a new level of enthusiasm and excitement to the Indian gaming community.”

Hon. President Droupadi Murmu’s visit to Skyesports Grandslam LUNA is a testament to the Indian government’s acknowledgement of gaming as a part of sports.

This visit has encouraged female squads playing in the tournament to achieve even more in their professional journey.

As Skyesports continues to lead the growth of Indian esports, we can expect even bigger events to come, and the Indian gaming community can look forward to exciting times ahead.

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