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Skyesports announces open-for-all Pokémon UNITE India Open 2022 with INR 22,50,000 PrizePool

Jet Skyesports, in a partnership with The Pokémon Company, has announced the Pokémon UNITE India Open 2022 – one of the biggest esports tournaments for the MOBA title in the country to date. 

The Pokémon UNITE India Open 2022 will feature open qualifiers for teams across the country. After playing through different stages, the top two teams will advance to the National Finals – which will be a LAN event in Mumbai in mid-December. 

Besides the coveted title of being the winners, the teams will fight for a humongous prize pool of Rs. 22,50,000, which represents one of the biggest figures for the title in India. 

Registrations for the Pokémon UNITE India Open 2022 will kick off on Nov. 5 on the official Skyesports website and will be open until Nov. 18. The qualifiers will happen separately across six different regions of the country to ensure the maximum number of players have a chance to participate and compete. These regions are: 

● South India 

● North India 

● East India 

● West India 

● Central India 

● North East India 

Teams who register will have to compete in the zonal qualifiers and finals from Nov. 21 to Dec. 2. The top four teams from each zone will then advance to the National Playoffs, which will be livestreamed, and will happen from Dec. 3 to 13. 

Finally, from here the top two teams of India will battle it out for the title in an intense LAN National Finals in Mumbai later in December. 

The Pokémon UNITE India Open 2022 LAN Finals will happen during the Skyesports Championship 4.0. Adding to the excitement, it will be open to a live audience. Stay tuned to Skyesports’ Discord, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter handles and www.skyesports.in for more details on how to attend. 

“We are thrilled to be working with The Pokémon Company to bring the biggest esports IP for Pokémon UNITE in the country, the India Open 2022,” said Shiva Nandy, the Founder and CEO of Skyesports. “We are working to make Pokémon UNITE a household title for Indian audiences and families. The zonal-based format will ensure maximum regional penetration and will boost participation from the grassroots level as we look to grow and support the game in the country.” 

Commenting on the exciting tournament, Anuj Tandon, CEO of Gaming at JetSynthesys (Skyesports’ parent company), said, “Pokémon UNITE has a bright future in India and I am beyond excited that we are associating with The Pokémon Company to bring one of the biggest esports events to-date for the game in the country. The unique zonal-based format, $30,000 prize pool, and the LAN Finals in Mumbai will ensure that this is a spectacle never seen before by the Indian Pokémon UNITE community. It is also bound to attract the interest of thousands of additional gamers from every nook and corner towards Pokémon UNITE.” 

The complete schedule for the Pokémon UNITE India Open 2022 is as follows:

  • Registrations: Nov. 5 to 18 
  • Zonal Qualifiers: Nov. 21 to 30
  • Zonal Finals: Dec. 1 and 2
  • National Playoffs: Dec. 3 to 13
  • National Finals (LAN): Mid-December

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