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SkRossi Discusses Problem Faced by Esports Players in Career Sustainability

Indian Valorant star Ganesh “SkRossi” Gangadhar recently shed light on a critical aspect of the esports industry which is often overlooked – the sustainability of a player’s career beyond esports. In an X (formerly Twitter) thread,  SkRossi delved into the challenges faced by players in the Indian gaming scene and emphasized the need for a pragmatic approach to ensure a secure future. 

SkRossi Believes Players and Organizations Should Have a Symbiotic Relationship

Samaksh “Sharkai” Kundan, a retired professional Valorant player who once represented True Rippers Esports, recently shared advice for other esports players. He advised professional players to balance their studies along with esports as the esports scene in India is “really bleak and 99% of y’all are sooner or later going to have to join the corporate world.”

In response to this post, SkRossi highlighted that everyone is hyper-focusing on the salary that professional esports players demand and they ignore other problems. He pointed out that nobody wants to talk about what happens to a player once their short esports career is over as that career alone won’t help to survive life time.

Following this, SkRossi made a surprising statement. He stated that it is not worth playing for pennies when players are investing 10-12 hours a day for years, especially in india. SkRossi added that players must diversify their skills to ensure financial stability post their esports career. 

SkRossi advocated for a symbiotic relationship between players and organizations. He stated that the players should help their organizations they represent to generate revenue in every possible way to the best of their abilities as. SkRossi explained that just playing and winning tournaments will not majorly benefit the organization and to keep paying players, it should be a win-win situation for both the organization and players. He encourages players to explore alternative avenues beyond salary to meet their financial aspirations.

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