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Signify expands into CS:GO & PUBG Mobile

Signify is popular for their Dota 2 roster. The Dota 2 division has been showing its class with securing 8 LAN events in India and representing the tri-color at 4 international events over the period of past one and half year.

The organization is looking to expand its reach in the Indian esports community, side by side achieve higher milestones and excellence.

Photo via Signify

The SEA organization has been eyeing other esports titles since quite some time. Signify is about to expand it’s territory as the organization sets its eyes on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and PUBG Mobile.

“Signify was founded with the aim of establishing a professional team with a strong backing that could represent the region at any International tournament as well as provide talented gamers the opportunity to compete at the highest level. We believe we have achieved this goal with our Dota2 team and want to replicate the same success with our upcoming CSGO and PUBG Mobile teams as well. Apart from these upcoming rosters, we’re also considering a number of other esports titles.” – said Rajdip Gupta, the founder of Signify.

Although the scene has faced some backlash, Indian esports scene is gearing up with likes of a bunch of organizations – Signify, Entity Gaming, Team Brutality, 2EZ Gaming, Team ATE, ROG Titans and so on.

According to certain sources close to the SEA organization, Signify is perusing ex-OpTic India lineup alongside a SEA firepower for its venture into Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Furthermore, it is expected to make several announcements in the upcoming days. Though there are speculations around who gets to play what, nothing is confirmed yet. Can our readers make a guess, Who the players are?

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