Sid Joshi reveals why S8UL has only one esports roster

S8UL founders have built the brand from scratch and their fans have observed this journey. This makes S8UL one of the most beloved content and esports organizations in the world. Despite being into esports, they only have one official esports roster and Sid Joshi, the manager of esports rosters, recently revealed the reason behind it.

Sid Joshi was doing regular streams while some of his fans questioned the reason behind S8UL being exclusively into BGMI esports without venturing into any other titles. Sid answered with a simple explanation on how S8UL remains in business my maintaining a single roster.

As mentioned before, S8UL is the brainchild of three dreamers namely MortaL, Thug and Goldy. MortaL started Team Soul and 8Bit Thug joined him to grow this organization. Sid stated that their entire journey started from zero.

Sid gave a clear explanation while explaining the dynamics of S8UL esports. According to him, a businessman has large amount of money as they tend to invest money to grow it multifold.

S8UL is also the same as the owners are “doing business and charity” as per his statement. Esports is also a business and hence, it was not feasible to hire multiple rosters for profitability.

S8UL Esports has cleverly hired their current BGMI roster which has a lot of fame in the community as well as the firepower to justify their name. Even though the game is banned, S8UL has not mentioned any plans of releasing their current roster or taking any action in accordance to BGMI ban.

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