Shroud wants Riot to delete the Judge in Valorant

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Celebrity Twitch streamer Shroud found himself in a heated moment involving the controversial Valorant shotgun “Judge”; asking Riot to “delete” it upon getting killed from a single hit.

Arguably the most annoying lethal weapon in the game, the Judge is one shot one kill gun up close and for good reason. The gun fires 12 bullets in a single shot which is enough to take down a player in close proximity no matter what their health and armor conditions are.

Like any shotgun, it suffers at long ranges, often dealing little to no damage making it one of the major drawbacks of the Judge in particular. Besides its range, the fire rate is slow which often makes it a “one and done” gun in several instances.

All these drawbacks aren’t enough to convince the community that still has mixed feelings about it. While some despise it, there are many who can make it work, especially on a tight budget.

“F**king judges! Delete them from the game!” raged Shroud. “Literally, Riot, click the button. Delete. That’s it. Just get rid of them. Just get rid of them. It’s that simple!” he yelled and for good reason. After carefully establishing a post-plant situation, Shroud was hit by a jumping Reyna with a Judge, and his 100HP along with 50 Armor went in vain.

Accuracy of other guns that can “one shot” at any range suffers from standard movement let alone jumping and that is where mechanical skills like jiggle bursts, counter strafing comes into play but apparently the Judge doesn’t care about them, thanks to its ability to fire 12 rounds at a time.

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