Shroud stream abruptly ended similar to Dr. Disrespect


Shroud fans are left worried after his stream ended in a similar way to Dr. Disrespect when he was shown the door from Twitch.

Months ago, Dr. Disrespect was permanently banned from Twitch and instantly became a mystery. To this day, the reason behind his ban remains a closely guarded secret. Much like Shroud, Dr. Disrespect’s stream was ended after he could be seen zoning out. The Doc since then has said even he is unaware of the exact reason.

Similar to Dr. Direspect, Shroud ended the stream with a tired look and without providing any further explanation. His behavior left the fans worried as it kind of resembled the Doc. Shroud ended the 11hour broadcast in a way that was bound to get his fans worried.

Unlike Doc, Shroud getting banned is far from a possibility. Other than being a celebrity streamer, he has hardly done anything in recent times that violate the TOS. From what seems to be the case, Shroud was tired from the long streaming session and was in dire need of some rest.

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