Michael “shroud” Grzesiek has once again revealed his thoughts on the future of Valorant as an esport title, and it seems like he predicts a bright future for the competitive shooter by Riot.

While talking about Valorant in his Twitch stream yesterday, Shroud complimented the shooter in a number of aspects.

“Valorant’s just gonna hit, and it’s gonna hit hard,” the 26-year-old said.

He then proceeded to mention how the player count of CSGO – Valve’s title and the primary rival of Valorant in the genre – is steadily declining and if Riot can seize this opportunity to organize a proper LAN tournament for their game, then it can potentially get ahead of CSGO in the race to be the top FPS esport in the video gaming world.

“It has the perfect recipe right now,” Shroud continued. “If Valorant nails the timing of coming to LAN and tournaments are popping off, it’s gonna blow the f**k up, even more than it already has.”

When asked if Valorant can take the top FPS spot in esports, Shroud responded, “Oh, yeah. Easily.”

While CSGO has seen a rough patch in terms of player numbers recently, it can easily turn around once a new operation arrives. Some leaks have hinted towards the next operation coming in only a few weeks from now, although none of it has been confirmed as of yet.

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