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Shroud Explains Why Your KDA in Valorant May Not Matter

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It’s a well-known fact that Valorant is a highly competitive game. More often than not, players are seen getting stressed over their in-game performance or their kill-death ratio when they’re at the bottom of the scoreboard. However, legendary Twitch streamer Michael “shroud” Grzesiek doesn’t seem to be bothered about players bottom-fragging in certain games.

In one of his recent streams, shroud has explained why your kill-death ratio might not matter at all in a game, and how players can have an impact while having poor K/D.

During his stream, a viewer asked the former CSGO pro, ‘How do you feel when you’re a bottom-fragger?’

To this, shroud replied that it doesn’t matter what a player’s score is, as long as they’re having a positive impact for their team in a game.

“You could do good without having a good score,” the 26-year-old said. “That’s just how these games work. It’s a team game.”

Shroud then proceeded to explain how you can create space for your team without having a good KDA. 

“Let’s say you entried every round,” shroud explained. “You got so much space and your team always traded, but you never got a kill… That’s amazing, you did good.”

Needless to say, this shouldn’t be an excuse for players to underperform in games. Proper game sense and consistent practice should still go a long way in improving your overall impact in any competitive game.

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