Shroud doesn’t want to return to pro gaming

The professional streamer seems to be more interested in streaming games instead of returning to the pro scene.


Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek is one of the most familiar names in the world of streamers. The former CSGO pro is renowned for his impeccable aiming skills not only in CSGO, but in any game he lays hands on.

Shroud has been playing and streaming VALORANT since the very early stages of the game. Due to his proficiency in handling Riot’s new competitive shooter, fans had already started wondering if he was looking forward to entering the pro scene of VALORANT which has already started developing. However, it seemed like shroud had other plans.

During a VALORANT stream on Mixer, the 25-year-old was asked by one of his fans whether he was going pro in the game and that’s when shroud expressed his plans of not going pro again. “It was a joke,” he said when asked by the viewer that he had already mentioned about going pro. “You’re not gonna see me go pro in a game ever again. We’re past that,” he added.

Segment starts at 05:40)

He then proceeded to explain the reason behind his drastic decision. He said that his fans didn’t understand one aspect about going pro as he claimed that if a player is looking to play competitively at the top levels of a game, then he can’t stream the game at the same time. He mentions that streaming as a professional player would be an easy way “for people to creep on your strategy.”

“…so granted as much fun as playing a game professionally is, I can’t stream it at the same time,” shroud said. He further added that it comes down to a point where, “you have to choose one or the other or try to juggle both, and juggling both is pretty challenging.”

Shroud seemed to put his streaming career ahead of a career in the professional scene of esports and decided to stick to streaming games and calling it quits to pro gaming.