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Valorant: Sentinels wins VCT NA Stage 2 Challengers Finals

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The finale of the Valorant Championship Tour: North America Stage 2 Challengers Finals between Sentinel and Version1 was quite a dominating match-up for the former.

Sentinels secured a formidable 3-0 victory over Version1 in the best-of-five encounter, however, both sides have secured their slots at Valorant Championship Tour 2021: Stage 2 Masters – Reykjavik which will be held later this month.

TenZ and co. won $40,000 as well while the runner-ups had to settle down with half the amount. The veto is as follows: –

  • Map 1: Sentinels pick Bind
  • Map 2: Sentinels pick Haven
  • Map 3: Version1 pick Icebox
  • Map 4: Version1 pick Ascent
  • Map 5: Split is the decider

Map 1 – Bind

Version1 had a terrific start with an 8-4 lead on Sentinels’ map pick in the first half of the first map. However, as they switched sides, Sentinels were flawless on defence, merely dropping a round. Sentinels bagged the first map 13:8 with dapr leading from the front with 21 kills followed by SicK on 19.

Map 2 – Haven

Sentinels dominated the first half of the second map with an 8-4 lead on the attack. They had the momentum and secured four rounds on the trot. Version1 tried to come back into the match by winning the second pistol round and the succeeding one but that wasn’t enough. 

Both the teams traded a couple of rounds back and forth and Sentinels picked the second map 13-9. SicK and TenZ were absolute monsters while penny on the other side also displayed stunning zeal.

Map 3 – Icebox

Being their map pick, Version1 had a decent start to the map winning the pistol round. The first half was quite overwhelming for both sides as the scoreboard tied at 6-6. Sentinels initially dominated early in the second half with four consecutive rounds to their name, however, Version1 also bagged three rounds. 

Succeeding the exchange, Sentinels won the following three rounds to secure Version1’s map pick 13-9. ShahZaM dropped 31 frags with merely 12 deaths showing no mercy as such. Penny too had taken the initiative with 24 kills which also included an insane 1vs4 clutch. Jett on either side led their team in terms of the scoreboard.

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