Secret’s Puppey is bringing back FACEIT Pro Leagues to Dota 2

Faceit has confirmed that they're bringing back Dota 2 FPL along with Puppey.

Photo: StarLadder

The Faceit Pro League is an invite-only league for Dota 2 featuring top players across several regions. Team Secret’s Clement “Puppey” Ivanov has recently announced through a tweet that he has “reignited” the FPL for Dota 2.

The tweet of the 30-year-old professional Dota 2 player said, “I have reignited the Faceit players league @FPLCircuit for Dota 2. I want managers of teams to check their emails and individual players to check their twitter private messages. Thank you!”

Renowned Dota 2 pros Arteezy and YapzOr also joined in, but only to invoke some light-hearted humor off Puppey’s “rare” tweet.

The Faceit Pro League last took place for Dota 2 in 2018. After the Dota Pro Circuit was introduced in professional Dota, pros were starting to have difficulties in managing the time for these sorts of player leagues, eventually rendering them obsolete.

The COVID-19 pandemic is currently wreaking worldwide havoc, resulting in a global lockdown. The Dota 2 pros can now be expected to have enough free time to participate in the FPL again. The league will help the pros to refine their Dota 2 skills in a competitive environment amidst this lockdown, while simultaneously enabling the fans to enjoy some top levels of Dota 2 gameplay while being locked inside their houses.

FPL has confirmed Puppey’s tweet through a tweet of their own and further mentioned that it’ll initially be launched only for Europe.