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Scout Voices Frustration Over Growing Hackers in BGMI

Since the relaunch of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) in May 2023, the game has been marred with a persistent problem – cheaters, or commonly referred as hackers. Although this is not a new problem, the amount of hackers is increasing at an exponential rate, rendering the game unplayable. Hackers erode the competitive spirit of the game. Furthermore, with the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2023 going on, this problem has become a curse to the underdog players. 

Popular Indian BGMI player and content creator, Tanmay “ScoutOP” Singh, recently spoke about the increasing number of hackers in the game. Scout also revealed how Krafton will solve this ongoing problem. Additionally, he also discussed the effect of hackers in the ongoing BGIS 2023.

Scout Talks About the Current Situation of Hackers in BGMI

In a recent livestream, Scout addressed the increasing number of hackers in BGMI. He humorously remarked, “While playing BGMI yesterday, I realized that hackers are not among us; we are among the hackers. It’s no longer surprising to encounter a hacker; it’s more surprising to encounter a legitimate player in the game.” 

He vividly depicted the chaotic scenario where players encountered not only the ordinary gameplay but also instances of players running like Flash and flying in the air. “All of this is happening. It’s a completely different scenario. Among seven to eight hackers, there’s perhaps one legitimate player,” he added.

Scout Hopes Krafton Will Soon Resolve the Hacking Issue

Turning his attention to the actions taken by the game’s developer, Krafton, Scout expressed his hope that the company would address the hacker issue. He speculated that Krafton would release a patch, to solve the vulnerabilities exploited by hackers. “This patch will likely come with an update of 10 to 15 MB, and it should fix the loopholes that these hackers have been exploiting. That’s what I believe will happen, because this happens everytime,” he explained.

Scout Reflects on the Impact of Hackers on BGIS 2023 and BGMI Esports

Scout discussed an extremely important topic – the impact of hackers on BGIS 2023 and BGMI esports. He delved into the possibility of cheaters emerging in competitions. He sarcastically said, “These players have worked so hard and out-of-the-world that made their aim so good; even our aim might not reach that level.”  Scout speculated that these hackers-turned-players might excel in the early stages of tournaments, as these stages usually take place online, where it is easy to use hacks. However, their performance might falter as the tournament shifts to the LAN stage, where they wouldn’t have the opportunity to use hacks.

Scout playfully suggested that these individuals might attribute their performance drop to the pressure of their first tournament finals, conveniently ignoring their previous use of hacks. “You could be one of the players that lost to these hackers; these hackers might not perform that well ever again (as they won’t use hacks). But they have used hacks to reach that level. They use magic to reach that level; and once they reach that level, they start working hard,” he added.

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