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Scout Talks About Getting a Coach For Team X Spark

Popular Indian content creator and Team X Spark’s owner, Tanmay “Scout” Singh, recently provided insights into the Battleground Mobile India (BGMI) team’s upcoming addition of a coach. Scout assured that Team X Spark will soon get a coach, but did not reveal any further details. Additionally, he clarified that Team X Spark is not at all associated with GodLike Esports’ coach Abhijeet “Ghatak” Andhare.

Scout Talks About Team X Spark’s Coach

Team X Spark recently put forth an incredible performance in the recent Battleground Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2023. However, the players did not seem happy finishing in the third position as they wanted to win the title.

In a recent livestream, a viewer asked Scout whether Team X Spark would be getting a coach for the team. Scout responded with a promise that the team would indeed welcome a coach before an upcoming LAN event. 

As fans’ curiosity grew, another viewer questioned whether the coach would be Indian or international. Scout’s response was clear and pragmatic. He assured fans that he would provide updates when available and emphasized that the coach’s nationality would not be the determining factor. Instead, the decision would hinge on the budget and the coach’s qualifications, irrespective of their origin.

Amidst the speculation, rumors had swirled that GodLike Esports’ coach, Ghatak, might be making a move to Team X Spark. However, Scout swiftly addressed these rumors, putting them to rest. He shared his perspective on Ghatak, highlighting that while the esports community had witnessed changes in Ghatak’s journey, there was no animosity toward him. Importantly, Scout clarified that Ghatak was not the incoming coach and had no association with his team.

With this announcement and subsequent clarification, the focus now shifts to the yet-to-be-revealed coach who will soon join Team X Spark. The anticipation and excitement among fans continue to mount, as they await further updates on this significant development that could potentially elevate the team’s competitive edge.

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