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Sccc joins team Aster

After serving a four-year tenure at Newbee, Scc finally joins the veteran squad Team Aster. Newbee’s run this DPC circuit has been horrendous, they managed to qualify for only one major MDL Macau, wherein they managed to get a fourth-place finish. It was so bad that the organization decided to pick up ex-forward gaming players to represent them at The International this year.

Sccc on Weibo:

I got second place at my first TI and got eliminated in the first round at my second TI. During post-TI8 shuffle, I knew there would be some changes because of the performance gap we had between TI7 and TI8. I didn’t want other players to leave, so, at that time I really wanted to try another team. The club was already discussing with other teams about my transfer, but then the negotiation fell through and I stayed.
Let’s talk about this year, we achieved nothing this season, and it was mainly because of my poor performance. I think there was a period of time when I played alright, but then we kept losing and there were other team issues. In short, I was not satisfied with my own performance, especially in the last few tournaments. For me, I wouldn’t think about any other factors or reasons for the loss when I didn’t play well enough, I would focus on my own part first.
Big thanks to CU, Kitty and Mei for all these years. To be honest, the club already provides us with a training facility and pays us a salary, and I’m very grateful that despite being super busy, they still take us to fancy restaurants that we wouldn’t have visited by ourselves. They didn’t have to do that. I’m not an eloquent person but I speak from my heart, that’s about my journey this season and it was me who under-performed. For next season, I might take a break first, might try streaming or I might continue playing competitively. It really depends on my form, because joining a team while being in a bad shape is irresponsible to myself as well as to my teammates. I hope we can have a good season next year. It hasn’t been easy, every player is under huge pressure. Brothers, let’s work harder and get good results!

On the 1st of September, Team Aster made an official announcement about Scc on Weibo.

However, there is no official announcement from Newbee, whether they’re going to retain the ti9 squad or completely revamp their roster again.

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