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S8UL Esports acquires Akshat and Omega from Chemin Esports

Chemin Esports has officially announced the transfer of Omega and Akshat from their BGMI roster to S8UL Esports. This acquisition was surrounded by a lot of confusion and accusations at the initial stages but according to a recent announcement, the directors of S8UL and Chemin sat down to officialize the transfer.

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S8UL Esports is a well known esports organization in India and after their run at BGIS 2021, they made it clear that the entire roster will be revamped. This change was behind the scenes as no names were revealed in the process.

Recently, there were a few accusations of player poaching but no substantial evidence was revealed to back these claims. Omega and Akshat were named as the players that were approached for the S8UL roster trials. Chemin Esports did made an official release stating that their entire BGMI roster is under contract and “any changes in the lineup will be intimated to everyone officially”.

A recent post by Chemin Esports addressing the speculations

These events were quite confusing for the community but S8UL soon announced the official transfer of Omega and Akshat. They have been a part of 8Bit in the past and will now represent the entirety of S8UL in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Omega was the in-game leader for Chemin Esports with Akshat as an assaulter in the team. The team had its fair share of success in third-party tournaments but failed to qualify for BGIS 2021 grand finals.

The reformation of BGMI roster of S8UL is still underway and Omega along with Akshat are the only new known additions for now. The organization is said to be testing multiple players and want to form a more aggressive team with strong fire power.

After this announcement, it will be interesting to see how these two players are clubbed with others in S8UL and what are the next moves.

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