After CEO Denying the rumors that s1mple and Egor flamie Vasiliev will be transferred to SK Gaming, Alexander “s1mple” Kostylev speaks about why he will not leave the team in the “VKontakte” group.

s1mple says – 

It’s not the time to leave the team, with the common goals set, my path is not over

For the first time, a possible transition of s1mple to SK was started on March 18: then the insider Don Haci wrote about it on Twitter.

On March 22, journalist Guillaume neL Canelo of Flickshot said that SK Gaming is close to agreeing with Na’Vi about the transfer of s1mple and flamie. It was assumed that they would replace as part of the Epitacio TACO de Melo and Ricardo boltz Prassa. In the evening of the same day, TACO officially left the Brazilian team.

According to industry insiders, like Flickshot’s ‘neL’, SK Gaming considered a number of different options before settling on making an offer for s1mple.

neL states that s1mple then insisted on bringing flamie with him and this could have caused the contract difficulties. Or, perhaps Na`Vi’s CEO is just bending the truth a little.