Rise of hackers in Warzone 2.0 ahead of Season 2 launch

Best Warzone 2.0 loadouts featuring the M4A1, MP5, Kilo 141, AX-50, and Kar98k.
Best Warzone 2.0 loadouts featuring the M4A1, MP5, Kilo 141, AX-50, and Kar98k.

The highly anticipated Warzone 2 Season 2 is on its way and everyone is excited about the plethora of new things that will come with it, however, the rise in the number of cheaters has called for major concerns, especially when Season 2 is on its way.

Upon its launch, Warzone was arguably the most popular Battle Royal on the planet. The game had everything going for however a weak anti-cheat opened the floodgates for cheaters to abuse. Not only Warzone, COD, in general, has been plagued with cheaters and as years passed by the developer became more and more desperate to solve the problem.

With their latest anti-cheat, the cheating problem was solved to a great extent however, as we approach the launch of Season 2, players have reported a sudden rise in the number of cheaters, which points to a major security issue that may have surfaced with one of the latest updates.

“My friend and I have been dying to people using this aimbot fairly often the past few days. Becoming a big issue,”
“Cheaters are running rampant again. The last two days have been miserable,”  raised concerns.

From the clip that went viral on Reddit, it is readily apparent that cheaters have surfaced again. The latest security update has failed and this can be why we see Season 2 go down the drains in the coming days. In the past, we have seen major personalities publicly claim to quit playing Warzone for this issue alone and if it persists, we might see the game lose a large part of its player base.

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