Riot Teases Potential New Tropical Valorant Map Breeze

Since the release of the snowy map Icebox, Valorant players have received no new map to the title for well over 5 months. Needless to say, fans have repeatedly raised demands for a new map over the past few patches and luckily, it seems like Riot has noticed them.

Through a Tweet today, Riot Games has teased what fans are believing to be the potential new Valorant map.

“Welcome to paradise,” the image caption reads.

From the initial looks at the image, it seems like there’s a beach bed facing the sea. This has led Valorant fans across the world to believe that the new map might be a tropical-themed map.

The official Vietnamese Valorant page has confirmed that the map will be named ’Breeze’, as leaked by dataminers earlier this month.

With the second act of Valorant Episode 2 nearing its end, it is likely that fans won’t have to wait long for the new map to come out.