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Riot forces pro team to forfeit VGC match after player caught cheating

Riot has forced North American Valorant team Noot Noot to forfeit their game against Complexity after a player was caught cheating by the Vanguard anti-cheat.

In light of the ongoing Valorant Game Changers series, Noot Noot a promising team having made it to the playoffs had to quit upon reaching the 3rd map against Complexity. According to the official statement, Riot’s anti-cheat aka Vanguard caught one of Noot Noot’s players using unfair means and was forced to forfeit per rules and regulations surrounding comprise of integrity and competitiveness.

The player in question is Malibu, a relatively unknown player in the wide landscape of the North American Valorant scene. Despite being caught, Noot Noot players harped on the fact that even though they only met a few days ago, nothing suspicious surfaced during their practice sessions that would make them doubt his integrity.

“During the VCT Game Changers Series 3 match between Noot Noot and Complexity GX3, Riot Anti-Cheat confirmed competitive integrity was compromised by Noot Noot,”. announced Riot.

The match between Noot Noot and COL was a statement which took the game to the third map when suddenly the audience was hit with a 2-hour-long hiatus only to later find out that one of the players was caught cheating and Riot forced the team the accused to forfeit with an impending full investigation of the matter.

Noot Noot players have washed their hands off Malibu and claimed that they had nothing to do with it especially when his past is relatively unknown as they did not know each other for long. Riot is yet to drop a verdict and we have to wait until then to see what becomes of Malibu.

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