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Report: PlayStation & Google in Talks With EU Regulators Over Microsoft’s Activision-Blizzard Acquisition Plans

PlayStation Boss Jim Ryan has publicly shown his concerns over the future of the Call Of Duty series after the Activision-Blizzard and Microsoft deal was announced

Jim Ryan, PlayStation Boss and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment has reportedly flown to Brussels last month on September 8th to voice his concerns to the European Union headquarters over Microsoft’s $68.7 Billion Activision Blizzard acquisition deal

“By giving Microsoft control of Activision games like Call of Duty, this deal would have major negative implications for gamers and the future of the gaming industry,” Ryan claimed.

“We want to guarantee PlayStation gamers continue to have the highest quality gaming experience, and we appreciate the CMA’s focus on protecting gamers.”

Since the announcement of the deal, Sony has been quite vocal about its displeasure with the deal which will effectively bind Sony to Microsoft’s mercy over future Call Of Duty game releases on PlayStation.

Sony alleges that Microsoft will always have an upper hand in future deals relating to the Call Of Duty Series – which is regularly PlayStation’s annual best-seller – after the current deal ends.

The current Call of Duty deal between Sony and Activision covers the upcoming Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2, and an unannounced Black Ops game by developer Treyarch, which may not arrive until 2024.

While Phil Spencer, Xbox Boss and CEO of Microsoft Gaming has repeatedly committed to making Call of Duty available on PlayStation for “several more years” after Sony’s current marketing deal with Activision expires. Jim Ryan has reportedly said that commitment is inadequate and have major negative implications on cross-platform series. 

In a filing on Friday 30th September, the European competition watchdog confirmed a provisional deadline of November 8 for the “phase 1” review to clear the $68.7 billion deal or demand for a more detailed investigation in “phase 2” review.

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