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New Valorant Game Mode Replication Announced by Riot

It hasn’t been long since the Episode 2 Act 2 update hit Valorant, and it seems like Riot is already teasing a new game mode for the tactical shooter.

The upcoming game mode, named ‘Replication’, was teased by Riot Games in a Tweet today. The attached video shows the initial looks at the new game mode.

Replication Valorant

While not much could be deciphered from the 23-seconds-long video, we can still get a pretty good idea about what the ‘Replication’ mode will bring to the table.

Judging by the name of the game mode, it’s highly likely that skills used by the agents will be multiplied in game. For instance, as shown in the video, smokes used by the agents will be replicated multiple times to cover entire areas of maps that can be utilized by players to outplay the enemy team.

The specific details of the new game mode, alongside its release date, hasn’t been confirmed by Riot as of yet. Players can likely expect to hear an announcement from Riot regarding this within the next few weeks.

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