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Valorant: Red Bull Home Ground 3: Scores, Results And More

The third Red Bull Home Ground is underway. All the details of the event, which will highlight the best of North America and Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, can be found here.

As the offseason begins, one of its most anticipated events has begun. The Victoria Warehouse in Manchester is playing host to the third annual Red Bull Home Ground, a tournament featuring eight teams and a prize pool of $100,000.

There will be American teams at Red Bull Home Ground for the first time ever. Teams like 100 Thieves, KRU Esports, and C9 will use this tournament as a tune-up for February’s VCT 2023 LOCK/IN Brazil.

The first day’s highlights included 100 Thieves’ unbeaten run, Cloud9’s comeback, Europe’s struggles, and KRU’s tragic elimination.

In a preview to the 2023 VCT season between opposing regions, EMEA underperformed while two North American teams excelled.

100T went undefeated on an opening day at the Red Bull Home Ground, surprising everyone. The Thieves only added Matthew “Cryocells” Panganiban from XSET in the off-season. They defeated Team Heretics and Team Liquid 2-1 and FUT Esports 3-0 to advance to the semifinals.

FOKUS, later eliminated by KRU Esports, defeated C9 early in the tournament. Jaccob “yay” Whiteaker and Nathan “leaf” Orf struggled throughout the tough three-map series. Cloud9 bounced back with back-to-back sweeps of KRU Esports and Team Vitality to go 2-1 and secure a playoff spot.

KRU and FOKUS, Group A’s bottom two clubs, played in the day’s final matches to determine who would qualify and who would be eliminated. Both clubs started 1-1, thus many thought the head-to-head winner would advance.

KRU defeated FOKUS 2-0 and tweeted about qualifying. Red Bull Home Ground administrators chose round and map count over matches. KRU was eliminated after winning 2-0 but behind FOKUS by three rounds and a map.

Below are the scores from Day 1 and today :

Round 1 :

Cloud9 (1) : (2) FOKUS
Team Vitality (2) : (0) KRU Esports
100 Thieves (2) : (1) Team Heretics
Team Liquid (2) : (0) FUT Esports

Round 2 :

Team Vitality (2) : (1) FOKUS
Cloud9 (2) : (0) KRU Esports
Team Heretics (2) : (0) FUT Esports
Team Liquid (1) : (2) 100 Thieves

Round 3 :

KRU Esports (2) : (0) Fokus
100 Thieves (2) : (0) FUT Esports
Team Heretics (0) : (2) Team Liquid
Cloud9 (2) : (0) Team Vitality

Upcoming Matches:

Quarterfinals :

Team Vitality Vs Team Heretics // 19:00 PM IST // December 10
Team Liquid Vs KRU Esports // 21:30 PM IST // December 10

Semi-Finals :

100 Thieves VS TBD // 12:30 AM IST // December 11
Cloud9 Vs TBD // 19:00 PM IST // December 11

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