Realme issues an official statement regarding the Narzo 30A launch mishap


Realme has released an official statement regarding the launch mishap of their new smartphone Narzo 30A. The company came into limelight after it was unearthed that iPhones were used instead of their own devices to showcase the gaming performance of their new mobile phone.

During the launch of Narzo 30A in Bangladesh, it was observed that the testing volunteers were not using a Realme smartphone for demonstrating the ‘Game Streaming’ performance. The company was streaming PUBG Mobile on devices that they claimed to be Narzo 30A but a small notification pop-up on one of the devices revealed that it was an iPhone.

The notification on the screen highlighted “Guided Access” feature which is only available on iPhones and this revealed that the gameplay was not recorded on the Realme device. The company has finally issued a statement regarding this event and it states the following:

“Respecting and abiding by the local pandemic control policy, the narzo 30A launch video was planned to be recorded in advance. Additionally, the launch video involved a narzo 30A hands-on gaming video. To ensure a better quality video output, the gaming part was recorded by our partner A1 Esports team and sent to the producer, post-recording. Although the A1 team did use the narzo 30A smartphone for the recording of the gaming part, a wrong file was accidentally sent to the producer, which led to the appearance of a non-realme smartphone in the video. In response to this issue, we have immediately contacted our A1 team partner to rectify the accident. We shall republish the video after the re-production is complete. We sincerely apologize for any unanticipated impacts the incident may have caused. Your kind support to the brand is very much appreciated. Please stay tuned with realme for future updates.”

This clarifies that the gameplay was indeed recorded on a different mobile device and it was an unfortunate accident by the partnered organization. The launch video will be released once again with an authentic performance testing in the near future.