Rainbow Six Siege Crossplay: All You Need To Know

Rainbow Six Siege Crossplay

Find out how to connect and disconnect your R6 accounts, as well as what data is sent across services, below. The decision to link your accounts across platforms will have long-lasting effects on your gaming experience.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege’s latest update adds a new map, a tech-detecting operator, and cross-progression and cross-play. Defender Solis leads Operation Solar Raid, Year 7’s fourth and final season.

How to turn on crossplay in Rainbow Six Siege?

  • Launch Rainbow Six Siege
  • Go to options
  • You will be able to review your crossplay status

How to turn off crossplay in Rainbow Six siege?

  • Press on the options icon
  • Located in the general tab, hit crossplay Matchmaking
  • Turn it off

How to link Ubisoft accounts ?

  • Head to the Account Information webpage.
  • Select the Linked accounts section.
  • Click on the Link under the logo of the platform you want to connect your account to.
  • Your account will now be linked

What’s shared between platforms?

Certain statistics are shared between linked Rainbow Six Siege accounts.

Please be aware that the following achievements are only shared across PC, Stadia, and Luna, or between Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

  • Your current rank
  • Overall rank history
  • MMR points

Clearance / Battle Pass levels are fully synchronized across all platforms. There will also be a transfer of certain R6 game data.

Some of the cosmetics that will be accessible from multiple connections are as follows:

The Solar Raid season also offers major quality-of-life improvements. Instead of a matchmaking ranking, players now compete in up to five tiers in ranked play. The system now calls MMR “talent,” a secret metric for all play styles that don’t reset at the season’s conclusion. The matchmaking mechanism will pair buddies with similar skills.