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QTCinderella reveals what JustaMinx did at the Streamer Awards

JustaMinx is a popular Twitch streamer who has gained a massive following for her entertaining streams and charming personality. Recently, she attended the Streamer Awards afterparty, and her actions at the event have been a topic of discussion among her fans and fellow streamers.

During an episode of the “Fear &” podcast, fellow streamer QTCinderella revealed some details about JustaMinx’s behaviour at the afterparty. According to QTCinderella, JustaMinx got very drunk and ended up causing a ruckus that led to the party coming to a halt at 11 PM.

Blaire, Valkyrae, HasanAbi, WillNeff, and AustinShow provided a lot of information about the Streamer Awards and afterparty, with QTCinderella discussing specific incidents that resulted in the party being shut down. QTCinderella, who has a close relationship with JustaMinx, expressed her concerns about the mental health issues that the Irish streamer has been dealing with recently.

However, it appears that the Streamer Awards host and organizer has distanced herself from JustaMinx after attempting to help her without success. The podcast episode containing these details can be found on YouTube, and the discussion about the party takes place around the 35th minute.

“I get to the party, she is wasted. She is getting escorted out by security because she is trying to throw heaters into the pool.” said Cinderella. “Like the big gas (propane) heaters. Like the ones that are seven feet, eight feet tall.”

“I heard she was trying to throw Sykkuno into the pool.” she added.

This revelation has sparked a conversation about the pressures of being a successful streamer and the toll they can take on one’s personal life. JustaMinx is not the first streamer to make headlines for their behaviour at a social event, and it is important to remember that they are human beings who are not immune to the stresses of fame.

“By the time I called out there, they are telling me that the party needs to be shut down because, since she’s in the front yard, neighbours have come out because it is causing a scene.” said Cinderella.

On the Fear& podcast, QTCinderella elaborated on why JustaMinx was removed from the Streamer Awards afterparty by security, citing her disorderly conduct as the reason. According to her, by the time she reached outside, JustaMinx’s friend had already called 911, prompting the arrival of a firetruck, police, and an ambulance. This resulted in the entire party being asked to leave by approximately 11 PM.

Following the incident, JustaMinx has asked to compensate QTCinderella for any damages resulting from her actions at the party and has expressed remorse.

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