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TSM Ghatak hints at a potential announcement regarding the PUBG Mobile India launch

Abhijeet ‘Ghatak’ Andhare, one of the players representing TSM in India, has dropped some hints on his social media handles which suggest that a big announcement regarding PUBG Mobile India could be made tomorrow. Ghatak posted several stories on his Instagram handle and a tweet as well.

Ghatak has been one of the active players on the TSM-Entity roster and has guided his team as a captain and coach in the competitive ecosystem. He has been a part of TSM since the very start and stepped down after a while to assume the duties of coaching this power-packed roster.

PUBG Mobile India is in limelight for the past few days as several changes are being made to its social media handles. PUBG Mobile India has been officially renamed Battlegrounds Mobile India and an announcement regarding the launch itself was expected to follow very soon. Ghatak has dropped few hints regarding the same.

Ghatak posted a series of stories via his Instagram handle and stated a possibility that some announcement regarding the comeback of PUBG Mobile could be made tomorrow. He took a satirical approach while revealing this information and called out unnamed streamers for their irresponsive behavior.


A tweet was also posted alongside these stories. The tweet clearly states that a “huge announcement” will be made tomorrow and it will be a “good announcement after 8 to 9 months.” PUBG Mobile was banned about 9 months ago and hence, parallels could be drawn between them.

This could be a huge revelation for PUBG Mobile fans in India. They can expect a possible announcement of PUBG Mobile India launch as a new game with the name ‘Battlegrounds Mobile India’. It will be interesting to see if an actual announcement will be made tomorrow or not.

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