The PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2020 (PMGC 2020) League Stage ended on December 20th. The top 16 teams qualified from the league stage will participate in the grand finals held at Coca Cola avenue Dubai. The league stage took place from November 24th to December 20th with a huge prize pool of $769,000.

The PUBG Mobile Global Championship  Finals is begun from yesterday. The top 16 teams from around the world will battle for a massive prize pool of  $1.2 Million. Approximately 8.77 crore rupees in Indian money. The four-day event was scheduled to take place at Coca Cola Avenue in Dubai but was changed as three of the players got testes positive for COVID. OnePlus 8T 5G smartphone is the official smartphone provided to the players to play the PMGC Finals.

The first day of the PUBG Mobile Global Championship Finals has successfully ended. Klas Digital Athletics is leading the overall table at the end of the day with 31 kills and 80 points, with Four Angry Men on the second spot with 34 kills and 75 points. Natus Vincere is in third place with 30 kills and 68 points.

Four Angry Men won the first match of the day, on Erangel, with nine kills, Natus Vincere finished in second place with nine eliminations. Hasaki from 4 AM was awarded the MVP award for three kills.

The second match was won by Abrupt Slayers on Miramar with eight kills, A1 Esports finished in second with six kills. 
The third match on Vikendi was won by klas Digital Athletics with eight kills, Power888 KPS in second place with ten kills. Sylas was the MVP with four kills.

The fourth match, on Erangel, was won up by Natus Vincere with nine kills. Oldboy from NaVi was awarded the MVP with four kills.
The fifth game on Sanhok was won by Secret Jin with five kills, followed by Konina Power in second with seven kills. TSJ Kenqzo was the MVP  with five kills.

The sixth and final game of the day,  on Erangel, was won by Four Angry Men with 11 kills, followed by Alpha 7 Esports with six kills.