Krafton to focus on PUBG Mobile India release

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PUBG Mobile is in the limelight again as several leads are indicating that Krafton Inc. is working actively to unban PUBG Mobile in India. The game has been a phenomenon in India and the developers are trying to bring it back as soon as possible. A new report has revealed some new information regarding the company’s plans for the future of the PUBG franchise in India.

Krafton Inc. recently announced a new mobile game called PUBG New State. This game is a technologically advanced and futuristic version of PUBG Mobile with the same core but different advanced elements. The pre-registration process for this new title began globally except for three regions namely China, Vietnam, and India.

PUBG Corp. did not issue any official statement which clarified their decision to not include India in the registration process but a new report has revealed that the company does not plan to start the process anytime soon. A report by Sportskeeda has revealed that Krafton is focusing on the comeback of PUBG Mobile rather than the pre-registration process of PUBG New State.

The official statement is as follows:

With KRAFTON doing everything it can to prepare for the launch of a new PUBG app specifically developed and serviced for India, it has decided not to include pre-registration for PUBG: New State in India. We are waiting for the Indian government’s consideration and decision on our next plan with PUBG in the region.

This confirms the fact that Krafton is still trying to bring back PUBG Mobile in India and also that they do not plan to release PUBG New State before the arrival of PUBG Mobile India. They still need to wait for a nod of approval from the authorities after which, PUBG Mobile will be back in India.

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