Gujarat Government lifts ban on PUBG after massive outrage

The Government of the state of Gujarat in India had banned anyone from playing PUBG in early March.

At the time, they called it “highly addictive” as well as indicated it was inciting violence among teenagers playing the game. It seems they may have changed their tune now however.

The boycott wasn’t at any point expected to be lasting, however it was relied upon to be set up from March 9 to April 30. Somewhere around five different urban communities in Gujarat, including Ahmadabad, participate on the boycott.

The neighborhood police had issued a notice saying violators would be reserved under Section 188 of the IPC. Actually they did only that, capturing something like 10 individuals around the city essentially for playing a cell phone amusement. What’s more, not in rush hour gridlock or anything, yet while taking a seat off to the side at different areas.

The ban on the game went so far as to arrest six college students they found playing PUBG, somehow justifying to themselves that an “addictive” game is worse for a young person’s future than an arrest on your permanent record.