China has banned popular video games like PUBG and Fortnite among others, citing the use of “incorrect values”, including blood, violence and nudity.

The Chinese Government’s Online Ethics Review Committee put 20 games under the scanner, and ultimately selected 9 games that were completely banned.

While banning of PUBG and H1Z1 was expected, banning Fortnite raised some eyebrows as it does not really have Blood and Gore as mentioned in the guidelines.

Meanwhile CSGO still remains unbanned, but some of the skins in the game have been censored for depicting violence, like the USP-S | Kill Confirmed, which has the picture of a skull near its trigger.

Some other popular games like League of Legends [LOL] and Overwatch were not completely banned, but the committee recognised some issues it required fixing. In the case of World of Warcraft the chat rooms were found to be too toxic, while for LOL and Overwatch the “overly revealing female characters” promoted “incorrect values.”