A Reddit user u/Tastes-Jammy posted an 83-second clip showing the gameplay of PUBG PS4, which is not available to anyone since its announcement a month ago.

The user had found a local listing online, which turned out to be legitimate and he downloaded and played the game only to realize that since no one else had access, he was pretty much the only one in the lobby, and couldn’t actually play a full match.


However, from first impressions, it looks very similar to the XBOX version. It is, however, around 33 GB in size compared to the 14 GB of XBOX, and while all the menu’s, graphics etc look the same, the true difference between the 2 versions will be apparent only at release when the 100 players are in a server together.

Photo via u/Tastes-Jammy

Nonetheless, it seems promising, with no input lag and frame rate drop seen by the XBOX, and it will be exciting to see how the game compares to its PC and XBOX counterparts.