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PUBG: New State – Players face phone bricking issue

Krafton Inc. recently launched the next iteration of PUBG Mobile called PUBG: New State and this game is currently trending in the battle royale game space. Its player is increasing fast and some users are apparently facing phone bricking issues while trying to open the application.

Phone bricking is a software failure issue where smartphones fail to function and often switch off or enter a loop of continuous restarts. According to a report by Gadgets 360, some users have reported that their android phones were bricked while trying to use PUBG: New State.

The problem usually starts when players try to log into the game with a guest or social media account. The phone apparently stopped responding and entered bootloop for a while before completely freezing.

Gadgets 360 reached out to the developers regarding the same and they commented that sufficient testing was done and “smooth functionality” of the game was confirmed on lower spec devices as well.

PUBG: New State was one of the most anticipated titles in the battle royale genre with over 55 million pre-registrations on the Google Play Store. Currently, the game is downloaded by millions and enjoyed around the world.

They faced a minor issue while launching the game as the time was shifted by two hours due to server shutdown. Players were able to download it from the Google Play Store but were unable to access its features or log in to the game.

This issue might have been an exception for some devices but it certainly led PUBG: New State to a rocky start.

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