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PUBG: New State to launch “BR Extreme” mode in next patch

Krafton Inc. is adding a new game mode to their latest battle royale game PUBG: New State. This mode is made for aggressive players who love action and want to jump straight into the battles. It is going to come in the game with the January patch and is called as “BR: Extreme” mode.

The BR Extreme will not change the map as it will take place in Troi. The amount of players is shortened to 64 to have intense action in short period of time. Each match will last for 20 minutes.

Even though the match is played on Troi, the map area will be shortened significantly to promote an early fight between the players. Each player will drop on the map with a P1911 pistol in hand.

The players will also be equipped with some additional equipment like:

  • 1 smoke grenade
  • 300 Drone Credits
  • Fully charged boost meters

At the start of each match, two care packages will be dropped at random. Players can use them to get advanced equipment and utility but approaching a drop comes with a huge risk of getting spotted by your enemies.

The amount of vehicles and items are increased in this mode. The players will also drop from a relatively lower altitude from the plane. This will help them to land on the map as early as possible.

The teammate redeployment time is shortened to 60 seconds as well. All of these factors will encourage teams to act fast and kill efficiently. The new patch will be pushed from next week.


Divyesh Moghe
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