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PUBG New State announced new patch update, arrives on December 9th

Krafton, the developers of PUBG New State has announced the release date of the upcoming new patch update. The update is scheduled to be released on December 9th, 2021. This will be the first big update with new content and improvements within the game. A new weapon will be introduced along with new vehicles named Electron and Mesta. Read our complete article to know more details about the new patch update.

New Weapon: L85A3

The L85A3 is an assault rifle with low recoil that opens up a new way for Survivors to take on the Battlegrounds of 2051.

  • Weapon Overview
    • Weapon Type: Bullpup Assault Rifle
    • Ammo: 5.56mm
    • Pros:
      • Highest damage of all 5.56 assault rifles
      • Performs well in mid to long-range firefights
    • Cons:
      • Low fire rate

The L85A3 can be found in both Erangel and Troi.

New Gun Customization: L85A3 [C1] Vertical Foregrip Bipod 

Customize your L85A3 with this all-in-one vertical foregrip and bipod!

  • Pros:
    • Reduces vertical recoil of the L85A3
    • Easier recoil control when shooting while crouched or prone
  • Cons:
    • Slightly reduces ADS speed

Once customized, the attachment will be equipped in the L85A3’s Grip Slot and cannot be swapped out for another grip.

New Gun Customization: M416 [C2] Long Barrel 

Second customization is now available for the M416.

  • Pros:
    • Increases damage
  • Cons:
    • Increases vertical recoil
  • Once customized, this attachment will disable the M416’s muzzle slot.

The M416 can only be customized once per match, so choose wisely!

New Gun Customization: SLR [C2] 5.56mm Barrel

You can swap out the SLR’s 7.62mm barrel for a 5.56mm barrel.

  • Pros:
    • Increases firing accuracy
  • Cons:
    • Decreased damage compared to the 7.62mm barrel

The SLR can only be customized once per match, so choose wisely!

New Vehicle: Electron

The Electron is an electric 6-seater minibus that is more durable than other vehicles. You can switch seats while in the vehicle, even when riding with a full squad.

  • Vehicle Overview
    • Type: Electric, 6-seater
    • Special Notes: More durable than other vehicles.
    • Location: Troi, Training Ground

New Vehicle: Mesta

The Mesta is a classic 2-seater sports car that can accelerate quickly and hit high-top speeds. The Mesta comes in two models: standard and open.

  • Vehicle Overview
    • Type: Gasoline, 2-seater
    • Special Notes: Quick acceleration, high speeds.
    • Location: Erangel, Troi (certain areas), Training Ground

Survivor Pass Vol. 2

Survivor Pass Vol. 2 begins on December 9! The main character of this Pass’s story is Bella of the Dream Runners Faction. Clear the story missions to collect all of Bella’s costumes!

Here’s what else is new in Volume 2 of the Survivor Pass:

  • Upgraded level rewards for the Premium Pass
  • Rewards now include vehicle skins and more character costumes!
  • 1,500 NC will be rewarded to Survivors upon reaching Level 48 of the Premium Pass“Due to the feedback we’ve received from numerous Survivors, you’ll be able to obtain 1,500 NC upon reaching Level 48 of the Premium Pass so that you can purchase the next Premium Pass.”
  • Added BP Chests as a Free Pass reward

New Lobby Theme

  • The Lobby background and music have been changed to a winter festival theme.
  • The BP Store background has also been updated!

Character Controls and Actions

  • Fixed an issue with the joystick controls in control schemes #1 and #2 so that the control sensitivities will now be correctly applied based on the size of the joystick controls
  • Parkour moves can now be performed on doors from further away.
    • Changed the combat roll mechanics so that when executing a combat roll when your Boost Gauge is 20 or above, you will perform a Boost Roll instead and cover more ground
      • Boost Gauge lower than 20: Normal Roll
      • Boost Gauge higher than 20 – lower than 90: Boost Roll (Tier 1)
      • Boost Gauge higher than 90: Boost Roll (Tier 2)


  • Changed vehicle boarding parameters so you do not have to be right beside the vehicle’s door to be able to enter it
  • Improved the [Drive], [Get In], and [Door] buttons so that they respond faster
  • Improved the vehicle handling controls for the Nova, Volta, and Dacia
  • Improved the left/right turning mechanisms to be smoother than before
  • Changed the electric sports car Nova from 4-wheel drive to front-wheel drive
  • Increased the size of the Boost button in the Default Button Settings
  • Changed the Boost button so that tapping it while in Auto-Drive will no longer cancel Auto-Drive
  • Added radios to vehicles
  • Fixed the buoyancy of vehicles in water so it is applied normally
  • Reduced the time that the engine will run when a vehicle is submerged in water from 10 seconds to 5 seconds

FPP Mode

  • When getting into a vehicle, you will automatically switch to TPP Mode while inside
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