PUBG Mobile World League Opening Weekend Day One Recap

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PUBG Mobile World League, the most awaited tournament in PUBG Mobile community starts from today. The top teams qualified from South Asia, South East Asia and Korea region will fight for PMWL East season 0 Winners title and humongous prize pool of $100,000. First day was postponed due to a bug in iOS devices, but the games will resume today with in the scheduled manner. Here we take a look at how the first day of Opening Weekend went for each team, their performance and notable highlights from today’s games. 

Match One – Erangel:

The league kicks off with first map of Erangel. Team T1 and Valdus Esports shared their drop location in Rozhok and so their fight started very early. Valdus Esports lost one player as soon as the match began but managed to position perfectly and prepare a pincer arrangement for players of T1. T1 outplayed them with their excellent coverfires and T1 won the early skirmish with Valdus Esports remaining one man strong.

The zone shifted towards the southern island and Bigetron RA had set up a bridge camp for teams entering from Mylta city side. TSM-Entity tried entering through the bridge but Bigetron wiped them out with no casualties on their side. The deadly brother duo Luxxy and Zuxxy were enough to wipe the entire team with 3 kills secured by Luxxy.

The mid phase of zones was brutal for many teams as Team Megastars took an early exit. RRQ Athena wiped NOVA-GodLike by car blast and Team Orange Rock was also late on rotations got wiped out while just trying to enter the zone

Bigetron RA, the global champions showed everybody that they have that experience when they played on the zone edges,  collected kills and moved in along the corners. There were also some great strategic plays by them when they engaged with Team Morph in a 2-2 split and covered each other perfectly. Bigetron RA subsequently won the match in a very dominating manner.

Bigetron RA wins the match with 10 kills and 30 points. Team T1 was second with 9 kills and 19 points. Team IND was third with 5 kills and 19 points.

Match Two – Vikendi:

The usual slow paced Vikendi started hot when Team Secret and No Change Team engaged in a very early fight. No Change Team got the upper hand during these fights and killed 3 players from Team Secret with good engagements. The last player was killed off by Celtz and Team Secret took an early exit from this match

The middle phase of this map was pretty quiet and no notable fights took place till the map reached the twenty minute mark. Team Orange Rock engaged with Synerge when they rushed on Orange Rock. A co-ordinated push by them and a jump kill by OR Gill wiped out SynerGE in a clean manner.

Qmao from Team U Level UP showcased his mechanical skills in the game where he killed three players of Team T1 with prone shots and wiped them out. Later the zone closed and the teams rapidly lost their manpower to the damage of the zone. 

The last few circles were very intense to witness and all the teams shown their gun powers. Team Orange Rock overpowered NOVA-GodLike who was gate-keeping them outside of the zone and managed to enter the end circle. The final fight was between Orange Rock and Bigetron RA where Bigetron perfectly utilized the zone advantage and won second game in a row 

Bigetron RA won the match with 8 kills and 28 points. Orange Rock ranked second with 11 kills and 25 points. Yodoo Gank were third with 8 kills and 18 points

Match Three – Miramar:

The third match took place on the sandy dunes of Miramar. The meta of initial fights was followed in this map too, where fight between Valdus Esports and T1 again took place. T1 again managed to get an upper hand in this fight and wiped out Valdus Esports.

A simultaneous second fight was going on the hot drop of Hacienda Del Patron, where Team Secret and TSM-Entity were facing off each other. Team Secret killed two players of TSM and had man advantage but Clutchgod had his own plans. He played around the place perfectly which shows his map knowledge of this place. He got all four of Team Secret’s players and lived up to his name as the real “clutch-god”.

There were less fights in the middle phase of the zone. Team RRQ Athena started good by killing players of U Level UP and wiping out No Chance Team. TSM-Entity was in a good form and confidently took fight with Bigetron RA, Zgod again was about to wipe them but was stopped by Bigetron. 

The match was ending quickly and very few players managed to make it to the last few circles. Team IND fought with Yodoo Gank in a 2 vs 4 situation and still wiped them out in the end. The last fight was between MORPH and Bigetron RA where MORPH secured the win.

Team MORPH won the match with 8 kills and 28 points. Team Bigetron was second with 8 kills and 22 points. Team IND came third with 9 kills and 17 points.

Match Four – Sanhok:

Team Megastars shared their drop location of Paradise Resort with Valdus Esports. There was an early fight between the two of them and Megastars wiped Valdus Esports where Vexe secures 3 kills for himself. A neutral fight was also happening  between SynerGE and RRQ Athena where eventually SynerGE got killed.

MegaStars couldn’t savour their victory because they were caught between rotation by Team Reject Scarlett and only one man was left for MegaStars.

MegaVexe survived for some time but eventually got killed. The zone started closing in and a lot of fights started where Team Orange Rock rushes on Reject Scarlett and wipes them, Mavi grabs all three kills. TSM-Entity was caught off guard during rotation and wiped by Team IND

As the match entered its final stages. The bloodbath began and teams were dropping out of server from all over the map. The zone shrunk down to Paradise resort and the garden area was at play. Orange Rock beautifully rotated from far end of circles till the end, wiping out teams and securing the victory.

Orange Rock won the match with 12 kills and 32 points. Team RRQ Athena was second with 12 kills and 22 points. Box Gaming came third with 1 kill and 15 points.

Match Five – Erangel:

A funny battle for securing cars was seen right at the start where SynerGE killed one player of U Level UP. The win wasn’t a complete victory because the subsequent engagements went bad for SynerGE and U Level UP killed them at the start. A perfectly co-ordinated grenade kill shifted the tides in their favour.

A same fight as the first match between Valdus Esports and T1 took place in Rozhok. Valdus Esports took down three players from T1 and the fight was going in their favour but a single player from T1 with shotgun in his hands had different plans. He knocked two players, then chilled down a bit and rushed in a 1 vs 4 situation where the other two players were revived. He again knocked 3 players with his shotgun and was so close to clutching out this situation but the last player from Valdus Esports shattered the hopes of T1 and its fans by killing him.

As the match went into middle phases, fights started all over the map. Team MORPH was eliminated by RRQ, and some other fights were also taking place in Georgopol city. The zone took an unexpected shift towards the northern side and some teams had to rotate through water bodies. Team IND and BOX Gaming were wiped in such rotation

Team GR Celtz went on a rampage mode in the ending circles. They wiped RRQ which was having a good run in this match. They went on to kill players of NOVA-GodLike and Yodoo Gank and had high number of kills till the end. Valdus Esports ended the journey of GR Celtz and started their own domination when the players individually took out two teams, Orange Rock and TSM-Entity. Valdus Esports went on killing spree and won the match in a dominating manner.

Valdus Esports won the match with 14 kills and 34 points. GXR Celtz was second with 11 kills and 18 points. King of Gamers Club was third with 3 kills and 17 points. 

Day one overall standings:


The first day of Opening Weekend was dominated by Team Bigetron RA with a very consistent performance of two chicken dinners. Their gameplay is an example for every team on how they should perform on the global level. 

The Indian team Orange Rock is also going very strong in this league with overall second position and one chicken dinner in today’s matches. They are performing as per their reputation from PMPL South Asia and should just have a little more consistency to top the leader boards.

Other SEA teams are higher up in the overall standings than South Asian and Korean teams. There is said to be a difference of competition in between these two regions and South East Asia region is standing up to its reputation.

Teams like Galaxy Racers Celtz, the PMPL South Asia final winners, and TSM-Entity, the runner ups, must step up their gameplay in the up-coming days and stand to their reputation. 

There are high hopes for the Korean Team T1 which is a very well-known organization in League of Legends circuit. They are showing promising gameplay right at the start but lack some things in the final phases. 

The first day was exciting with unpredictable meta and fast paced gameplay in all the maps. Let us know what do you think about this. 

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