Tencent have issued a statement clarifying the situation surrounding PUBG Mobile in India. The publishers have stated that the Indian users will no longer have access to the game from October 30,2020.

PUBG Server Down In India –

Tencent have now announced that they are ceasing all operations related to PUBG Mobile in India from October 30, which would mean users in india will no longer be able to log into it and play the game, even though it might be already installed in their devices.

This, according to Tencent, is a step that has to be taken to comply with the interim order issued by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, which banned over 100 applications citing concerns over data security.

The rights to publish PUBG Mobile in India will henceforth be vested back into the hands of the original owner of the IP.

In layman’s terms, you will not be able to play Pubg mobile even if you have the APK installed, if you reside in India.

Obviously, this can still be bypassed through certain measures but this looks to be the first step towards reinstating Pubg mobile in India in the long run.