Harpreet Singh “Ronak” Janjuha has left the PUBG Mobile roster of Team Fnatic. Ronak uploaded a statement on Instagram regarding this matter and Fnatic has officially announced his departure from the team.

Ronak is one of the star players of Indian PUBG Mobile community who made his debut in the competitive PUBG Mobile with Team Soul. He reached the pinnacle of stardom after the team won PMIS 2019 and PMCO: Spring Split India and represented India in Germany for grand finals.

After the finals, team had decided their fan favourite player Mortal would take a break from competitive, and Scout would replace him in the roster. This shuffle was not welcomed by the community and after a heated controversial fight, they team parted ways and formed Team XSpark.

XSpark had three big names, Owais, Ronak and Scout together, joined by a veteran player Paritosh. This team started to perform wonders and quickly was picked up by Fnatic in 2019. This was the first time for such a big international organisation to come in India and pick a PUBG Mobile roster.

After a successful start, the way ahead full of surprises for the team as they failed to win any tournament except PMAS. They also had internal disputes and clashes for a long time but managed to rank second in PMIS 2020.

Ronak had his own share of ups and downs in this journey. He broke down once and a big public banter between him and 8bit Thug happened over breaking Team Soul. They did patch things up the next day, but this was a heated session of argument over various internal matters that was discussed publicly.

Ronak also had to take a break from streaming due to recent hate in the community and the toxicity affected his performance in tournaments. He returned back to streaming soon but it seems like the problems were unsolved. He even opted for playing with team GodLike for PMIS qualifications and did not play with in the active roster.

Ronak has finally annouced his departure and may soon return to the game with a new team or under new organization.

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