A frenzy has been caused around the world due to Coronavirus and mass gatherings and events are being called off on a daily basis due to the health risks this contagious virus poses to humans. A lot of esports events have also been affected by this epidemic and there seems to be no stop to it.

After the grand success of PMCO India and South Asia’s 2020 regional finals, fans were all geared up for the commencement of PUBG Mobile Pro League South Asia. But now it is being suspected that the event will not take place on LAN instead it will be carried out as an online tournament. It means that teams will play either from their boot-camps or centers and no audience or venue will be involved.

There is no official word yet from the tournament’s organizers yet due to the discussions and whispers running around on pro player streams, it can be expected for the tournament to shift online.

Considering the current scenario of this virus’ spread around the world, it only looks like a fair decision. The event’s organizers hold health and safety in their highest regards.