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PUBG Mobile: PMCO 2020 India Group Stage Day 3 Results, Orange Rock climbs to the top

All 4 matches for PMCO India Group stage day 3 have now concluded and here’s an overview of what went down today.

4 matches were played with the first one kicking off at Erangel. Aztec ESP dominated right from the start and was pit against Orange Rock for a final run at that chicken dinner. With a major man advantage, Aztec ESP took down Daljitsk, the last remaining fighter of OR and bagged that prestigious chicken dinner with an impressive total of 17 kills. Match MVP was awarded to AztecKILLSOME as he managed to kill6 other pros dealing a total of 836 damage.

Match 2 kicked off on Sanhok, the perfect map for team ambush and some sneaky gameplay. Orange Rock stepped into the last circle with all 4players alive and took out Team GodLike with a sneaky strat. Match MVP was awarded to Orange Rock’s Mavi as he put up a brilliant performance with 5 kills and 704 damage. This win gave a potential boost to OR’s place on the leaderboard advancing them to the second spot just 4 points behind Mayhem.

Match 3 was played on Miramar and fans had to wait till the late game to see some action. Godlike was leading at the 20-minute mark and Orange Rock had already been eliminated. Fnatic and Aztec both had 3 players alive stepping into the final circle against a stronger Godlike but a team fight with FNC left Godlike in ruins as they lost 2 players. A final 2v2 between Aztec and FNX resulted in the former coming out on top walking away with their second chicken dinner for the day. Kill some again bagged the MVP award with a shattering 908 damage and 7 kills.

Match 4 played on Vikendi had Celtz and Godlike dominate right from the start but with a complete twist, Fnatic and OR were the final two teams left. Daljitsk and Mavi outplayed ScoutOP and Ash and claimed the final chicken dinner for the day making it their second. In a recurring manner, Mavi again won the MVP award 4 kills and 891 damage.

Team Mayhem was leading the charts after the conclusion of day 3 with a total of 68 points bagged with 42 kills and 3 chicken dinners, Fnatic was not far behind. Today’s matches shuffled the overall standings putting Orange Rock aboard the rank 1 spot owing to 2 chicken dinners they bagged today. Fnatic maintained their position at number 2 and day 2 leaders, Team Mayhem dropped to the third spot.

The third day of the PUBG Mobile Club OpenIndia Group Stage has over with the total victory of Orange Rock with 3 Chicken Dinner.

The same schedule and timing will be followed for the remaining 3 days.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!

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