Hacking, walling, scripting or in one word, cheating has plagued the gaming world for eternity and Tencent seems to be stepping up to do something about it. Addressing one of PUBG Mobile’s biggest issue, Tencent has announced that players caught using unauthorized third party apps or hacks to gain an unfair advantage in game will face serious punishment in the form of a 10 year ban.

Cheating ruins the entire gaming experience for a player and not many developers address this issue with much sincerity. To curb this problem which haunts every player as soon as they enter a match, Tencent has introduced a set of rules and basic standards that every player needs to abide by to still be able to play the game.

Failure to abide by those rules or getting caught using a third party unauthorized software might just set you up with a 10 year ban. Players can report suspected hackers or cheaters using the game’s reporting feature, Tencent will then investigate the reports thoroughly and action will be taken. The ID’s and of confirmed cheaters will be regularly updated by Tencent and a list of cheaters has already been released with accurate details pertaining to the reason they were banned.

This is a great initiative as Cheaters have pulled down our industry for a very long time now. An enjoyable and fair gaming environment can only be achieved by dealing with the violators with utmost strictness.