PUBG Mobile alleged of “Milking Money”

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PUBG Mobile is alleged of considering their profits before their service towards the community. The allegations were later addressed by an official and clarified, some mistakes were also accepted by their side.

With the launch of Royal Pass of Season 14, A vehicle skin was not included in the rewards section for the first time. A UAZ skin was visible in the RP Gallery but did not appear in the rewards.

Tencent noticed about the royal pass blunder and released a statement on the official subreddit and their Discord server. It was mentioned that the skin in question is “missing” from the RP rewards and they are solving the issue.

This statement indicated that the vehicle skin was supposed to be in the rewards but was not included due to some problems.

The community expected that issue will be solved soon and the UAZ skin would be included but Tencent allegedly altered their statement and replaced the word “missing” with a statement “incorrectly displayed in the RP rewards”. This completely changed the meaning of their earlier statement and made it clear that it was not their intention to include the vehicle skin into the RP Rewards.

This decision was not really welcomed by the community. It was alleged that Tencent were “milking” money after a huge response by players buying the Royal Pass. Approximately 8 million RP purchases were made during the timeframe in which the statement was changed. This indirectly indicated that Tencent was more inclined towards money than the community, as alleged on their official subreddit.

The Reddit Community instantly noticed this change and started questioning this decision on their discord server. A user stated that he was muted when he questioned about this on their official discord.

Tencent broke their silence on this issue after an official clarified the situation. In the comments regarding this issue.

He stated that their team was actively working and wanted to adress this issue as soon as possible. He clarified that in the hurry of quick response, they “unfortunately” made a small mistake in how their reply was phased. He said “What we should have said is “We are investigating, and the Dev team has been made aware.” What we said instead was “This is getting fixed”.”

Regarding the vehicle skin issue, he clarified that the team always experiments with the RP rewards to understand what the players like or dislike. This time the focus was more on Cheer Park related stuff. Unfortunately, when this was implemented, a wrong item code led to display of an item which was never intended to be the part of Royale Pass in the first place.

They are also going to implement a new policy of 100% transparency. Any change or edit even to the smallest scale will be clarified and explained, so it will not lead to any suspicions or talks of coverup. They accept of the mistake of not clarifying their stance and apologized for the same and said that such mistake will never happen again.

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