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PUBG Mobile 3.2 Update: 120 FPS and Metro Royale Introduced

The much-anticipated 3.2 Update of “PUBG Mobile” is slated for release on May 14th, promising to usher in a new era of gaming with its innovative features and enhancements. The highlight of this update is the significant improvements it brings to the Metro Royale mode.

The 3.2 Update, scheduled for release on May 14, 2024, is expected to redefine the gaming experience with its impressive content. The update will introduce the Chapter 20 update to the Metro Royale mode, offering players a sneak peek into the future of PUBG Mobile Metro Royale.

Metro Royale Updates in PUBG Mobile 3.2 Update

The 3.2 Update is poised to introduce a new adversary, “STRIDER”, along with open gift packs and several other enhancements. Players can look forward to engaging with this new enemy, which is set to debut with the 3.2 update.

PUBG Mobile to Support 120 FPS

In a significant development, PUBG Mobile is set to support 120 FPS, a substantial upgrade from the current 90 FPS. While the specific release date and the list of compatible devices are yet to be announced, the gaming community is eagerly awaiting this update, which promises to take mobile gaming to unprecedented heights.

This development is indeed a game-changer for PUBG Mobile enthusiasts. The 3.2 version is set to transform the gaming landscape with its ultra-smooth PUBG Mobile 120 FPS. Stay connected for more updates and gear up to experience PUBG Mobile like never before!

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