PUBG Mobile, the infamous Battle Royale title has made the headlines yet again but all for the wrong reasons. Just when it seems like this game is out of all the substandard incident reports, it all reverses and PUBG Mobile again becomes a diabolical phenomenon instead of a glorious one.

An incident occurred in Gujarat, Kutch where a 12-year-old player of the game reportedly stole INR 3 lakh. It was for the sole purpose of buying expensive phones for his friends to play the game. It is completely understandable that to play this game you do need high-end devices, but this is taking it too far. The boy’s parents run a grocery store and always had their fair share of suspicions about the boy’s intentions. He was soon taken into custody where he confessed to the police his dreadful actions. He was caught red-handed by his parents when he came in to steal more money from the cupboard.

A complaint has been filed and appropriate action will be taken in accordance with the fact that all suspects are minors.

It seems like the bad vibe surrounding this game is never-ending. On a regular basis, children committing serious crimes in the name of the game have come up in recent times.

We urge every gamer out there to never forget their own limits and to not go out of bounds and commit permanently damaging actions for the sake of temporary gains.