Prime Gaming GTA Online Benefits

Prime Gaming

Rockstar Games is giving away $1mn to Prime Gaming users to celebrate its new heist. The company announced the news in collaboration with Amazon Prime, Twitch Gaming which is now called Prime Gaming.

The $10,00,000 award will be handed out in four installments limiting $200,000 each week when you log into your account. The additional $200,000 will be awarded as a bonus. Not just this, the reward comes with Sonar Station upgrade for the Kosatka Submarine.

Prime Gaming GTA Rewards – How to Claim?

To claim the offer, you will need an Amazon account with Prime enabled. You must also belong to a country where Prime Gaming (Twitch Prime) is active. Once you have that, you have to link your Prime Gaming account to your Rockstar Social Club account. Upon linking and claiming the reward, you may as well have to wait for 72 hours before getting the upgrades.

The discounts, offers, and rewards are not just limited to Grand Theft Auto Online. RockStar games are also offering exclusive tariffs on other games like Red Dead Online on Prime Gaming.

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