Yesterday, in celebration for several of their pro players being selected for upcoming Fortnite World Cup 2019 in New York, Faze Clan decided to setup a standalone pop-up shop at a nearby Sporting Goods Store. Several of Faze Clan players and staff were present at the shop to meet up with fans.

But things went a little overhead when more than thousands of fans showed up for the meetup.

Faze Clan had only expected hundreds of fans to show-up and made arrangements accordingly. But, due to many people showing up things got out of hand and police had to shut down the pop-up shop for safety and security reasons.

According to Ricky “Banks” Banks co-founder of Faze Clan, thousands of fans showed up on street and were clogging 15 blocks in New York City. Due to sharp rise in number of people the police decided to take charge and shut down the shop.

In a Tweet he said:

“This is f*d. Thousands and thousands turned out. It looks like this for 15 solid blocks. Unreal. Speechless. I fkn love you guys more than you’ll ever know. Literally the craziest meetup of all time. Police shit it down I’m sorry. Peep everyone’s socials”

Crowd was heard shouting for players and Banks to show-up and meet them, but police didn’t allow Faze Clan to leave the premise until the situation was under control.

Many of Faze Clan players were present at the shop such as their superstar streamer Nick “NICKMERCS”Kolcheff, Temperrr, Rain, Replays, Sway, H1ghSky1, Blaze, and many others.Nick also confirmed in a tweet that police had restricted everyone from leaving the building and meet with the crowd of fans and shut down the shop.

Fortnite World Cup 2019 will be played this weekend at New York with players competing for a share of the staggering $30 million prize pool.